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22 Sep 2009
News / Twelve coal miners dead. [23]

You clearly have no idea about what it means to be working class.

most working-class people are too busy struggling to get by to have time to go on "climate change" protests with students who have never worked a day in their life, or to read Marxist philosophy.

There are many ways to patronise the working class:)
24 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / What are Polish Peoples Views of a Re-United Ireland [80]

What are Polish Peoples Views of a Re-United Ireland

From my experience Polish people couldnt care less about the reunification of Ireland.

Every political party in Ireland bar the unionist (British Irish) desire this, it makes economic sense.

The Violence was necessary to change the apartheid nature of the six counties. I'm old enough to remember before the troubles admittedly through the eyes of a child. All aspects of Irish life were ignored, people with Irish names were never seen or heard, Gaelic games were not shown or reported on TV or radio etc. It was the cutting edge of the people that changed that.

When equality was achieved (Some are slow learners) the violence stopped. The hard work has now begun.

At least I picked one up you fecking armchair patriot and recognised the time to put it down

You would have lasted a long time in Castlereagh, FFS Get real
5 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / What do Polish people in Ireland think of Irish food? [90]

My recipe
Brown of the meat in a pot remove the meat then fry the onions in the same fat over a low heat to soften them. Add the veg (root veg), chopped to your taste and gently fry for about 2 mins. Put the meat back into the pot add some stock and the spuds, simmer until the veg and spuds are to your taste, tender, al dente etc, season. The end product should be quite solid.

The same quantities of veg and spuds should be used

Traditionally the stew is a mush, like baby food with large bits of meat. I dont like it like that. The meat was always mutton but now can be anything bar fish.

I like it when you can see and taste the veg.
17 Jul 2009
UK, Ireland / Irish Primary schools to teach Polish [223]

Irish Primary schools to teach Polish

Let's get things into perspective; the 2008 schools census recorded 2,511 Polish children attending schools here out of a total school population of 136,804. Twenty five schools have signed up for this program estimated costs are £1.5 million the education budget is £1.9 billion.

Its proposed to teach Polish to local children by Polish Teachers

The Minister was interested in the potential use of schools to host Polish cultural events outside normal school hours and with Polish Week taking place in May this is an area to be investigated. We also discussed the feasibility of teachers from Poland gaining employment in schools in the North.

I dont see a problem teaching any language to children, it can only be beneficial, particularly if it helps children (who didnt ask to be here) integrate.

Its much more complicated than a simple linguist choice. In Ireland it was keep the language and die as a culture or survive. Seven hundred years of repression failed to kill the language.

There were two events which effectively killed it for the majority of the population. Firstly the Repeal of the penal laws and the church's discouragement of Irish and secondly The Famine.

The language was lost in one generation to ensure the survival of the people. Ireland had no one to help it, no luxury of Parisian Salons, no Enemy of my Enemy, Nada, Zip, Sweet FA. The fact that Ireland survived as such a strong identifiable nation is down to no one but themselves.

Contrary to being absorbed by a foreign culture Ireland took a foreign language and made it her own, retained its culture and survived.

Since partial independence the country has tried to ensure survival. Language comes second to survival.
11 Jul 2009
UK, Ireland / Belfast Telegraph won't print my comment. [133]

I ve sent them that prods should burn in hell, is that very offensive?

Not here, no it is not offensive. I see you are picking up the local humour ;)
3 Jul 2009
UK, Ireland / How can I receive child support from a Polish man living in UK? [33]

Yes, he is the father and it's proved officially

So do what the above posters suggest. Nail him in the Polish courts and via the CSA in England.

sting him for all you can get

The guy has a moral responsibility to pay for his child but let’s not milk the guy to death.

The welfare of the child is paramount

OK here is the controversial bit: It’s almost impossible to argue against the sentiments of this statement and that is why the people who draughted the legislation use it. It’s a meaningless phrase that appears to say a lot but is in fact hollow. It’s a device where by the state and parent "without care" can effectively wash their hands of the problem.

Don't be too honest either about your alternative sources of income

WTF!! You typed that...
26 Jun 2009
News / Are Christians prosecuted in Poland (and Europe in general)? [53]

Science serves well only as long as we let it

As does religion.

When shifting from one belief system to another the catalyst is always social need, be that the generation of wealth, better medical practice or any other improvement you care to name.

Contrary to popular perceptions religion has been the driving force behind many scientific achievements. The unforeseen consequence is that mankind has been moving away from an absolute obedience to the deity of regional choice. This shift is due to tangible results in the temporal world.

Where the modern world has failed to produce results, people tend to adopt the system that serves their needs most, which is usually based upon some form of religion. This is not to say that both cannot coexist, they can and do in many unlikely places around the globe.

Edit: I just read something on another thread that made me ask this question. Did Polish people flock to the church due to Stalinism failing or had the church always been that popular in public manifestation?
26 Jun 2009
News / Are Christians prosecuted in Poland (and Europe in general)? [53]

Unsupported scientific fanatism has no more value that a religious one.

It does if the science produces more answers than the religion.

Evolution is not a scientific theory, the only measure of its success can be the results it produces. Creationism has not produced anything near the number of results/answers that Evolution has produced so in one sense there is a clear winner in this horse race.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]


You have posted a lot of links....let them stand for the moment. I have been asking about net contribution to the economy. It’s very easy to make negative assumptions and back them up with unexplained stats, much more stretching to look at the bigger picture.

The only new plantation is in your mind.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

You still haven't demonstrated how the net contribution of Polish people in Ireland is detrimental to the country.

time means
I was born and spent most of my life in Belfast I dont need some foreigner telling me, at the point of a gun, how British I am. As you very well know a lot of people in the Six Counties view themselves as British, a slim majority yes but an artifically created one, maintained through force of arms. Dont try to score cheap points by insulting Irish people.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

I opposse plantations

It’s always important to never let another idea get in the way of the one you have.

You still haven't shown how the Polish presence in Ireland is detrimental to the country.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

re: Plantation of Ireland

How many people have been forced from their homes by Polish people?
What laws have been forced upon Irish people by Poles?

Your comparison with the plantations of Ireland is deeply insulting to the Irish nation let alone Polish people.

What are you going to do next, draw parallels between the Famine and immigration?

You may have an argument opposing migration lets hear it, but stop misrepresenting history.
9 May 2009
History / Iconic images of the Polish Nation [5]

Thanks for those McCoy.

The Horse, has it played a central part in Polish iconography?

In Mexico a lot of traditional songs are about fine horses and traitorous women.

The war against the soviets I understand that.

18 years of freedom is the same span of time between the Warsaw rising and my birth, it seems such a short period of time now.

What I may be looking for is Poland’s Guernica, Poland’s Goya, an explanation of what makes the people tick. What is it that makes Poles such a proud nation?

In Ireland its cutting turf, growing spuds, keeping out of the rain, telling stories. Then the arty stuff.....Writers, musicians, not so much painters.

A good image of Ireland in the 80's was the Pony kept in an urban environment. That image is both a throwback to times past and an indicator of the clash of times to come. Yet the image says more than that.

Perhaps I'm asking for the impossible.
8 May 2009
History / Iconic images of the Polish Nation [5]

What are the defining images of Poland?

I suppose the enthronement of JP2


Jaruzelski's declaration of martial law

German soldiers taking the surrender of AK soldiers.

There has got to be still images of individual acts and their aftermaths

Nursery rhymes
Images of Migration
Population shift

What images of whatever type, are instantly recognisable as defining moments in Polish life that speak louder than the immediate act.

Is there a "Terrible Beauty" that Polish people know but find hard to explain to foreigners.
4 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles flee N. Irleand homes after World Cup riots [70]


To answer that is difficult.

The fact that the Polish are catholic is secondary to them being foreigners.
This is where it gets difficult, Unionism (Protestants) defines itself as being different from others, often referred to as a siege mentality. So when things go wrong the "Other" is the obvious target. There is also a large degree of right wing ideology in Loyalism probably a reaction to the largely Left leaning Republican/Nationalist ideology.

Your average Prod is not walking around hating Catholics or foreigners, what does concern them is the tighter knit, more community orientated Nationalists (Catholic) who seem to be moving forward.

The above statement is in its self sectarian.

So Polish people are walking a tightrope as it doesnt take much for the Religious stuff to come out considering it is all pervasive eg Catholic binmen empty catholic bins and Protestant postmen deliver protestant letters

Absolutely spectacular

Mine are just ending and I'm hoping for a good yield this year
4 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles flee N. Irleand homes after World Cup riots [70]

do you work in the film industry yourself?.

No. I'm a computer guy now. Just have the usual mix of friends, some do work in the moving image field though.

I like your stuff as well.
How is the garden? You wrote about your stuff in OsioĊ‚'s gardening thread. If I remember correctly you had some cherry trees. They must be almost finished flowering by now.
4 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles flee N. Irleand homes after World Cup riots [70]

So why move to an orange area of belfast

The housing shortage in Belfast.

Catholic families with 14 children + 25 years = 14 houses. Protestants had smaller families. Traditional Unionist inner city areas are a wasteland while Catholic areas are overcrowded. There is a housing price disparity based on religion.

The religious areas are separated by walls so the physical area stays the same.

Remember the conflict was sparked by inequality in the allocation of housing.
29 Apr 2009
News / Krystian Zimerman's shocking Disney Hall debut [13]

If I read correctly The US impounded his piano then destroyed it because the glue smelled funny.

America has long been the arsenal of democracy

Long live democracy
28 Apr 2009
News / Krystian Zimerman's shocking Disney Hall debut [13] - Polish pianist stops show with anti-US tirade

Krystian Zimerman, the great Polish concert pianist, is usually a man of few words.....
he raised his voice ......
on Sunday night and announced he would no longer perform in the United States ...........
"Get your hands off my country," Zimerman told the stunned crowd in a denunciation of US plans to install a missile defence shield on Polish soil.

27 Apr 2009
History / Heretics Asylum - The First Republic of Poland [50]

I'm interested in this period of Polish history (certainly not an expert) especially the dynamics in the interaction between the panoply of groups. I'll look for some of Janusz Tazbir's work.

I've read some stuff (not Tazbir's...never heard of him!!) and it is fascinating.