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10 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / Life in the UK for some Poles (sad article) [124]

ahh,boo fookin hoo....what about the hardships of people actaully born here? If its so hard,go home and stop p issing and moaning. Thats one thing the Poles and Brits have in comen. Its a national pass time to moan and complain but we also both cant stand other people who moan and complain.

lol you didn`t even read the article and you`re the 1st one to comment on it. britain is the 4th richest country in the world so what exactly do you mean by hardships?
10 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / Do Polish immigrants wish to stay in UK - long term? [92]

whereever there are ****** toilets to be cleaned youll find poles, where there are streets to be cleaned youll find poles.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

and that`s only becuz dumb people like yourself are to ***** stupid to even clean toilets.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

damn, i wanna know what the kilts my ancestors were wearing looked like.
10 Apr 2008

the real question is: have YOU got that nice new shiny porsche?

i lived in a black neighbourhood (brixton) and was never harrassed in any way. it`s the way you carry yourself. if you look confident walking down the streets you shouldn`t get attacked but if you look lost and vulnerable, that`s a different story. one time i was coming back from a club with a female friend at 1am. we were going through some backstreets and came across a bunch of black teenagers. i was walking confidently and wasn`t scared at all while she chicken out when she saw the guys started walking in our direction and run home. i was like wtf? the guys eventually crossed the street, they weren`t even following us. @_@
10 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / 90,000 Scottish Immigrants in Poland! [67]


i`m one of the poles with scotch in their blood. ok i meant with scotch blood in their veins :P from my father`s side (he`s from around poznan area) there is a scottish link and i`m not sure exactly what clan my ancestors belonged to as it was my late uncle who did the family tree and when he died in the 80`s the tree got lost (he probably took it with him into his grave or something). so i`m gonna ask my dad to try and do the family tree cuz i really wanna know my scottish roots better cuz all the evidence i got now is the reddish colour of hair that`s ever so popular in my dad`s family.

i`m very proud of my scottish roots that all i really wanted to say :)
10 Apr 2008

Russia has been deprived through communism, but with the fall of the Soviet Union and the chance to get ahead in the race to become richer, sure people are killing each other over drugs, land and anything else that makes a dollar or two!

the only people in russia who are getting ahead of the race and richer are cheating, dictatorial arses like putin himself. just like in africa by the way. look at zimbabwe, i see a little mugabe in putin, don`t you?

and of course you`ve the right to have your own point of view but there is a difference between `having a point of view` and `calling people names just becuz you hate them and their race or who they`re involved with romanticaly`
10 Apr 2008

Racism might stop, but you're correct rasism what ever that is will never stop....


you donkey, learn to spell first !

well done! your attention to detail is great. however, bear in mind that `spelling` is not the main topic of this thread so if you want to talk about `spelling` and correct others` mistakes you should start your own thread about it. i`m sure it would be very popular amongst people like yourself who like to correct just about anyone`s smallest mistake. otherwise every thread on this message board will go off-topic and turn into everyone correcting each other`s spelling mistakes!

Its a gene pool thing, and also down to race as per Darwins case study of the different so called races.... we all have different trates, but generally the caucasian (european) brain can out perform the lesser african one, but its not the cleverest, in fact the oriental persons brain is superior in intellect - clever bunch these japs and chinks.......

trates? did you mean traits? i`m not gonna call you a donkey though cuz `my momma taught me better than that`

so what you`re saying is that whites should feel superior to blacks cuz whites got bigger brains? is this what you mean:


if so, i`m sorry but you`re so shallow and sad that i`m not even gonna bother and talk to you cuz it`s like talking to a wall... a white, sad, miserable, boring wall. get some colour in your life and try to see things outside your little black and white box.

Wroclaw Boy:
And what about Russia?

Well that's what years of communism has brought.....

and of course communism was started by black people ....

White dudes can jump, wrap or dance either.....

just take a look at africa and its problems with wars and crimes, and at the gung gangs in the US !

the first sentence makes no sense. did you mean

white dudes CAN`t jump, RAP or dance either


white dudes can jump, RAP or dance AS WELL ?

and there are white gangs in the us too so it`s not just a black thing. my man is a civil engineer with 8 years experience and is respected at work. he would never lower himself to a level where he is calling other people names and disrespects them. just the african way he was brought up to respect others!
10 Apr 2008

Wulkan and bajka,

with people like yourselves having such wrong attitudes towards black people i dont think rasism is ever gonna stop.

i know rasism and intolerance isn`t just a polish thing, but i never understood why the white people thought (and still think in some cases) of themselves superior to black people. they went into the beautiful land of africa, took advantadge of and used its natives in a way that you cannot call civilised. it was barbaric and if there are blacks who are rasist towards whites nowadays (in america for example) it`s becuz of what the whites did to the blacks in the first place!

being white gives you no right to feel superior to a black person just as you have no right to feel superior to any of your white friends.

go to africa and see what the people there are like, they will see you but they will never be rasist towards you there, you know why? cuz these people are loving and caring unlike your uncivilised selves.

btw, i would never regret my son being mixed race. he is very clever, physically stronger than his peers (started walking at 11 months). everyone around is amazed at how cute he is, i get strangers coming to me and prasing his beauty and charm. just look at some mix raced celebrities: vin diesel, wentworth miller (the one from prison break), bob marley, tiger woods, beyonce, alicia keys, amerie, halle berry and the list could go on.
9 Apr 2008

i am a polish girl who`s been with a black british man for 2 years. we`ve got a one year old son, live in the uk and are happy together.

i just wanted to say that i am sick of polish people who are racist and call black people names as well as i`m tired of being viewed by my own people as a kur*a just becuz i walk the streets holding a black man`s hand!

don`t judge a book by its cover and if you do then it only shows how shallow you are!