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21 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Are the Poles in England hated? [450]

Hey, firstly, sorry for my poor english.

So i have been thinking of moving to England to work, but why surfing on the internet, i cam across many thigns that worry me.

It seems like there is loads of dislike towards us there.
Of course there are also some nice posts saying how nice we are...

I know that on the internet people say a lot of ********, and most people write just things that they wouldnt say or even think about in real life ( ido so myself, sometimes)

MY question is, are we really disliked that much? I dont like being in place that people dont like me, for some ridicolous reasons.
I know there is loads about it on tihs forum, i read it all, but would like some more information on how the people in the UK view us :)

I have met some english people in my life, when i used to work as a teacher in Zimbawbe, where where all very inteligent and friendly :) however those were people who are really diffrent from 'normal people' they were full of love and peace, working for food and bed and helpiing african people.
21 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Are the Poles in England hated? [450]

MareGaea, i know we have got a complex or whatever, and think everyone hates us, however i do not think so.

Szkotja, yes i did tha,t but, for me, there is never enough information about those kind of things.
23 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Are the Poles in England hated? [450]

Thank you all for the answers :)

Im not thinking of going there alone, will take my girlfriend :) and she is spanish (half spanish half jamaican to be correct) so i acually like mixing :)

I know that my question was kind of stupid, because everyone is diffrent... just was a bit worried of what i have seen in polish newspapers or even comments by poles living in the uk. However as i though its propably just a stupid propaganda and i bet those poles saying how bad/rasist british people are havent really met any :):)

We dont want to come to Uk for money, both of us speak perfectly spanish and we both worked as travel agents/trips organisators etc in Spain for last 5 years. and we were paid well and we loved our job, however we wanted to try something new, never been to the UK.

Apart from that when we were in the USA on holidays ( trip around the states on old volstavagen, hipi way ^.^) we came across many people that really dislikes black people (particularly in small cities) and mexicans (everywhere lol), ofc we met loads of great people, however i could feel that black and mexican people were disliked there.
23 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / My fellow brits here - are "traitors" by not dating English girls? [103]

I was called a 'trailor' many times by fellow polish girls, becasue im going out with spanish girl (half black). In my opinion they are just jelous and i wouldt call them friends and wouldt like to be around them tbh :P
29 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Are the Poles in England hated? [450]


As far as i know, non EU immigrans are highly disliked by most people in Europe. Ofc noone says that to your face, becasue they would be called racist. (even for saying whats the truth).

Muslims for example, i met many of them in my life, some of them second or third generations of immigrans, and still they live like they would be in thier own country. Girls marry those who their parents wish to marry, etc. and its 95% of them that behave this way.

Mulims, indian, pakistani and black people are those who are really disliked by the most europeans
26 Apr 2008
Love / How do Polish girls like to be approached? [66]

If there is one thing I have learned in my many times over to Poland, is that Polskie dziewczyny are some of the snobbiest girls in Europe. They seem to prefer a rude American with dollars than a polite Pole like me sometimes. I know it must only be a coincidence, but its true that this happens a lot when I go over there. They prefer you to be direct and pursuing, than laying back and waiting for things to happen. It is very hard to approach them, let alone date them. I'm still looking for one, however, because its FACT that they are some of the prettiest in Europe. This coming from a Polak who doesn't live there.

Totally agree. I have been out with girls from loads of diffrent countries. But never never with a polish girl. When i tell them ihavent got a car and a house... and i dont care about money they dont really want to talk to me anymore. Guess not all of them are like that, but how come i have met only those?

And yes, i kinda think they like to be treaten badly. And if there is a foreign man talking to them they go horny in no time :/ However when a polish man talks to them they seem to be like virgins :/

And no i dont have problems with talking to woman, and i dont look bad either. I have been with lots of girls, from diffrent countries, but never with polish, although im polish, weird?
30 Apr 2008
Love / How do Polish girls like to be approached? [66]

Yes, thats true, sorry, should have said it diffrently. Beign a foreigner attracts more female from abroad, so it seems like they dont really look for money, but still they do. You re right
13 May 2008

Just be yuorself :)

It depends who you meet, me and my (black) girlfriend didnt experience any rasism in Poland, we did in SPain though in place where there is loads of foreigners, so it just depends, but dont worry, as i said, be yourself and everything will be allright, and if they dont like you becasue you are black or something then thats thier problem ^.^
1 Jul 2008

Firstly, apologises for bad english, i have never been to any english speaking country or anything. I have had a black gf for more than 2 years now. We have been to Poland many mnay times. Never experienced anything bad. We traveler around Poland (something like tramps) people were very friendly, i have never heart anything bad about us. Yes people looked at us, stared and such, but they do because its something diffrent. I got a lot of tattoos and people stare at me too :)

We experienced lots of rasist people. Expescially in France or Spain. Of course, some black people were very very friendly to us asking us stuff about how it is if its hard and so un, but those were usually those older folks. Young 'gangsta' types were not friendly at all.

Once in france i was told that 'black girls shouldt go out with white dudes' to my face, by a black guy. Im not the person u **** to, so i shouted at him like it should be (like in the army) he ran away.

Few posts eairlier, someone mentioned that a polisdh guy is afraid to take his black gf to Poland becasue of abuse etc. What kind of man is he? People like him wont change the world or make it even better for interacial couples.

Also, you got loads of rasist people all over the world, you wont change they way they think, trust me, I tried that till i was 23, then i gave up. People are like dogs u need to be strong with them and not let them **** with you :)