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3 Apr 2008
Life / Beauty saloon in Poznan? [9]

send me email, I've got some addresses if its urgent.

It`s not urgent, I was just wondering... Thank you any way!
ps: the prices sound very expensive to me. But...
2 Apr 2008
Life / The strangest things in Poland [468]

The first time I came to England I couldn`t believe their breakfast, it`s much stranger than the polish one! Both are tasty though :)
31 Mar 2008
Life / The strangest things in Poland [468]

What did you find really strange?What really shocked or surprised you? Tea served in a glass, stray dogs, no smoke alarms, or maybe something entirely different...

I thought about one more: Glass window on the bathroom door. What`s that for?
28 Mar 2008
Life / The strangest things in Poland [468]

People smoking in the main shops in cafes and restaurants...Ban that crap!

That`s really bad, especially in the winter when all windows and doors are closed! Not nice!