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joanna zajac  
29 Nov 2005 /  #1
Hello, My family name is Zajac, mum and dad both Polish, left after war for England. Would love to know if I have any family members still in Poland. My dads village is now in the Ukraine. Also my mums parentage was the aristocracy (my great grandad I believe was a very famous Cabinet maker to royalty) name Wisniewski I think. Can anybody help? I may have a cousin last heard of in Torun?
30 Nov 2005 /  #2
Hallo Joanna,

I think that a surneme "Zajac" is so common, that it is hard to say if those people belong to your family. The same is true for Wisniewski.

I know one person called "Slawomir Zajac" - he is a director in Campanile Hotel in Katowice ( I know he speaks English quite well, so you might want to contact him at the hotel e-mail adress.

bossie 1 | 123  
19 Jun 2006 /  #3
I agree, both surnames you mention are very common. I wouldn'c count on aristocracy to be helpful either. Good luck anyway.
19 Jun 2006 /  #4
There are 15 families with the surname of Wisniewski living in the Torun area. Check and it will give you areas where certain surnames are residing. It is in Polish so may be hard to get through if you do not read the language.
Dee - | 11  
17 Jul 2006 /  #5
Could anyone recommend a good research organization I could contact in Poland to help with family research. Thanks
28 Sep 2006 /  #6
Here's some info on the Zajac Family :)
polaca 1 | 76  
28 Sep 2006 /  #7
Yes, name zajac is very common, and i also know one zajac family, they live in gdynia
krysia 23 | 3,058  
28 Sep 2006 /  #8
I have a zając. He sits in a cage.
polaca 1 | 76  
29 Sep 2006 /  #9
I havent zajac :( I had to found him new house cos my killer dog was too stressed and scared of zajac :)

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