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The nobility of Gnesen/Gniezno, help me find the Baron Switalski.

northman 1 | -  
16 Jul 2009 /  #1
I'm trying to find the name of a nobleman who lived in Gnesen Germany in the 1890's, which today is Gniezno Poland (I think).

as far as I can tell, his name and title would have been Baron Schwitalski (Switalski?).

I'm not sure of his title or spelling of the name.

He would have been the duke, or baron, or count of Gnesen. The germans would have called it Grafschaft Gnesen. Graf means Count, Grafschaft means "county".

so possibly he was the count of Gnesen/Gniezno?

I have no way to search for this person, because I can't read Polish, If I could find a link to information on him, then I know someone who would translate the page for me.

I think he would have died around the turn of the ancestor grew up on his estate, i've always wanted to see a picture and to read up on him. I'm not sure if he was German or Polish or Prussian. I was hoping to find a comprehensive list of nobility of the area, but I can't find that either.

Its said that it took a day by horse to ride around his estate. So surely the area must be well known by the people who live in the county of Gniezno today...

thanks for any advice or help.


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