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Luranc/Lorans surname

Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
20 Nov 2006 /  #1
OK< I need some help, any help at all would be excellent, any thoughts.

Surname Luranc was or used to be Lorans something like that in poland.

This name cant be polish can it? is it German? Ukraine? French?

It is mind boggling, my Great Grandparents lived in Osiek.

could they have came from Germany to Osiek, just settled early on?
I am told it isnt Polish, but I know nothing about this name at all.

It would be easier if it had a Ski, ska, czy, etc on the end of it, but
it dont.

I am clueless, "ok no comments on that one LOL"

just cant find enough information on this name to trace much further on it.

Matyjasz 2 | 1543  
20 Nov 2006 /  #2
Just because your surname doesn't sound Polish doesn't mean that your ancestors weren’t. There were a lot of German settlers that eventually assimilated perfectly into the Polish society, and took our culture and customs as theirs. Even my surname probably has some German connotations, but I certainly feel 100% Polish. If you had the chance to check out the surnames of the participants of The Wielkopolska Uprising against the Germans, you would notice that a lot of them had German sounding ones. :)
OP Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
20 Nov 2006 /  #3
Just because your surname doesn't sound Polish doesn't mean that your ancestors weren’t. There were a lot of German settlers that eventually assimilated perfectly into the Polish society

yes, agree, and I am sure they are all polish, what I heard thru family stories
was GGG grandfather was military, fell in love with Polish maiden, gave up rank
horse and all, moved to poland to be with his love.

it was a story passed down, I have no proof, I dont doubt it isnt true, but would like
to further the history if I need to go in another direction and find the area they
started from. this name has had me stuck for a while.
Matyjasz 2 | 1543  
20 Nov 2006 /  #4
I like the history, very romantic. As for the surname, in my small town we had a priest called Lorenc. Sounds pretty similar to yours Lorans.
OP Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
20 Nov 2006 /  #5
what town? lol.

ive got four great uncles, one who came to the states, other three stayed in poland.
whether they survived the war (dont know)

there are more then one osiek, mine is located near Oswiecim.

I was also told by my mom, my grandmother said her father was like a mayor
someone told me this would be town administrator. I dont know cause
I cant find links to anything pertaining to this.

I dont know polish, so there fore, grandpas legend is just that, a legend ...
cant prove his involvment in politics.
Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
20 Nov 2006 /  #6
Is the word 'Sołtys' relevant here.
Matyjasz 2 | 1543  
21 Nov 2006 /  #7
what town? lol.

Opalenica, Wielkopolska, about 40 km from Poznań.
OP Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
21 Nov 2006 /  #8
priest called Lorenc

wanted to say, my moms uncles did change their name to lorenc then to lorence.

finding all their info was pretty darn challenging, course here i have all of it now,
but now, its all poland. :) Ill never find it ...
21 Mar 2007 /  #9
I am able to trace my ancestors back to Osiek Poland (Germany). Their name is similar to the name you are searching, but it is Lorek from the records in the US. I'm trying to find where I may find Floryan Lorek (born around 1866), Elizabeth (Lorek) Kanarkowska , Possibly a Maria Lorek (1839) Also Valentin Koslowski (1864) and Maryanne Lorek (Lonek) (1872) and m grandmother Franzisca Kanarkowska (Kanolkowska) (1886). Any help would be appreciated, including the name and address or e-mail address of a catholic church in the Osiek Poland area. Please e-mail at dr4bio@yahoo

thank you Wayne Vargo
OP Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
26 Mar 2007 /  #10
Their name is similar to the name you are searching, but it is Lorek from the records in the US.

This may be something, because the name I have is also spelled Luranc
and someone I know shares the same surname which she says it is Lur -Ank
Now Lorek from Osiek? Question is which one, there is three in Poland.

mine came from the Malopolskie area Near Oswiecim. would that be yours as well?
if it is, I do have a Church name and also a address you can write to.

sorry this took so long to respond, I didnt see it till today :)
26 Mar 2007 /  #11
My maiden name is Gembala, my great grandfather has franz Gembala on his immigration records, and Gebala on his marriage records (unless this was mispelled when placed on online records for Chicago Polish parishes). He also listed Osiek (Galicia) as his home town on his immigration records and my great grandmother was from Kety (Katy?). I believe these towns are close to each other. I know there are people from Poland who have recognized my last name belonging to the rankings of "mountain people" (gorale?). It is difficult piecing together all of this information. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me or recognize the last name Gembala. Also, how do I get in touch with those who have the records of Saint Andrew's church in Osiek? mbgembala@hotmail
michelle lynne  
28 Mar 2008 /  #12
Hi, my ancestors are Lorek's. There is Florianus Lorek who married Marianna Gajowcryk in 1888 in the Dubin parish. Yes, they are from Poznan area, Osiek, then Ossieg,Germany. His parents are Lawrence Lorek and Maria Folowczek, can't find any records on them. His sister Anna married Valentine Kowalski in 1890 I believe; no records though. Found this in the Poznan Project on marriages, great info. He also has a sister named Elizabeth who married Phillip Konarkowski in 1886 in the same parish. If anyone has any info please let me know. thank you.

Forgot to leave my email address: yeiserl@yahoo about the Lorek's. It's Kanarkowski for the marriage.
30 Apr 2008 /  #13
My father Joseph Luranc died at 81 in 2007. His father Josef Luranc, immigrated from Poland and settled in Detroit. He married Mary Flavia and they had a store and also lived in the Delray area of Detroit. He worked for Ford's. Josef had a brother Andrej whose last name was changed either in the Nazi concentration camp or Ellis Island to Lorenz. He settled in Pittsburgh and married Vicky.

In his last years, he threw away a lot of papers, so I have little family documentation. He did say Josef would visit family "on the East side" of Detroit from time to time, but with little recollection.

You may email me at
Judy Luranc Sweeney
Polonius3 983 | 12333  
30 Apr 2008 /  #15
Although it traces back to the Gerrman Lorenc (Lawrence), the Lorenc surname is used by more than 5,000 people in Poland, 849 spell it Lorens and over a 1,000 use the original Lorenz spelling. Central Europe has been a cauldron of confusion in recent turbulent centuries, marked by invasions, parititons, insurrections and border shifts not to mention the resultant cultural cross-fertilisaiton and inter-marriage. Troops were moving one way and streams of refugees the other, and there were deserters and wounded soldiers as well as assorted pedalrs, pilgrims and wanderers who settled in a neighbouring country and a myriad of other possibilities which would have to be fully researched (a well nigh impossible task) before anyone could conclusively specify the nationality of a given surname's bearer. There are nunmerous German Nowaks and Polish Millers who might well feel insulted if someone questioned their nationality on that basis.
13 Jun 2008 /  #16
Does anyone know where the Dubin Catholic Parish is in Osiek/Poznan? I did find a Johannes Lorek (listed as father on daughter Anna's death certificate) and Maria (different maiden name) who were married there in 1858 I believe. Their first daughter Mary was baptized there; I have the papers. How do you find where they lived there: here I went to the register of deeds for that county.

About Nowaks up above, when the Lorek's lived in Wi they lived next door to Nowak's on the farms. I have lots of info if anyone is interested in that name.

I also have Walenty Kowalski who left brothers and sisters in the Poznan area; born 1866, died in wi. 1937.

My email is yeiserl@yahoo. Please put subject in when writing.
yeiser, lynne  
13 Jul 2008 /  #17
hi, i just found out Florian and Maryanna Lorek came from the town named Domaradzice, inbetween Dubin and Osiek, south of Posen. It is on the map. I found it on the ship records. I haven't been able to find anything out about the town though, help, if you have any info please email me at: yeiserl@yahoo. thanks,lynne

Florian's parents were Johannes Lorek and Maryanna Nieborack married in the catholic parish in Dubin. I cannot locate the church on the computer.? I also found Valentine Kowalski's parents: Aldabertus married Francisca Rybacka at the Catholic parish in Golejewko. When he came to America he left 2 brothers and a sister if you have any information on them.

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