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Kulesz family - Stefan born in the Nowogrodek gmina near Grodno

17 May 2008 /  #1
Greetings to all!

I wonder if anyone can help. My late and much missed Grandfathers name was Stefan KULESZ. He was born in a small village in eastern Poland called Siniaw(v)ke in the Novogrodek gmina near Grodno and joined the Polish Army in around 1937. Of course after the fascists and communists had invaded Poland in 1939 he ended up in a Siberian Concentration camp until 1941 when Stalin declared an 'amnesty'.

He and a few friends made their way to Palestine (an EPIC journey) and joined the Polish 2nd Corps under General Anders to go on and fight in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and of course Monte Cassino.

Due to the situation in Poland in 1945, he could not return home for fear of further imprisonment or worse, and so stayed here in England where he raised a family and lived the life of a decent, gentle man.

If anyone knows ANYTHING that you think may help my quest to find my family in what was eastern Poland (now Belarus) please e-mail me at

It is possible that I may have long-lost relatives in Manitoba, Canada so if you Polish Canucks know anything, you know what to do.

Thanks for reading my post.

Regards, Nick Kulesz

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