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green cream SOUP

9 Oct 2006 /  #1
Okay Ive been meaning to post this for some time but always forget, when in Krakow I had a soup - green cream soup with smoked salmon in it...what is it called and how would I make it, it was like nothing I have had before - i mean that in a good way...
9 Oct 2006 /  #2
Hmm - maybe salmon soup? :)
OP Shelley  
9 Oct 2006 /  #3
I would love the recipe for it, it was green and quite thick and the smoked salmon had cooked with the heat of the soup....would love to be able to cook it at home..

but thanks for your response honey
9 Oct 2006 /  #5
Why was it green? Sounds like a fish chowder soup. Maybe it was green from parsley.
But it was probably made with water, chicken stock, sour-cream, pepper and fish. Plus that "secret" green ingredient.
10 Oct 2006 /  #6
I've had a Broccoli cream soup with smoked salmon before, but unfortiunately I don't remember the name. sorry.
OP Shelley  
10 Oct 2006 /  #7
No worries, it certainly didnt tast of broccoli cream soup, I make that myself...humm maybe I should add a bity of smoked salmon and see...
10 Oct 2006 /  #8
There's also a potato dill soup which is green. Maybe someone just added salmon.
OP Shelley  
10 Oct 2006 /  #9
I think im going to experiment, the taste was nothing like I have ever tasted, gonna go back to the restaurant in Feb when Im back in Krakow and aks for the recepie
10 Oct 2006 /  #10
I'll look for it for you too. I'll be there in Dec. Psyched. I can't wait to spend New Years there.
OP Shelley  
10 Oct 2006 /  #11
how cool, Im in Wraclaw in Dec for a couple of days which Im looking forward to...and off to sunny spain to my makes apartment next week...roll on - reading books and chilling by the pool.....but yes back to the soup hopefully I'll find out how to make it one was heaven on earth...
10 Oct 2006 /  #12
It was probably one of those " chef's specials".
"Made up" soup with left-overs.
OP Shelley  
12 Oct 2006 /  #13
krysia - it was on the menu but it just said green cream soup with smoked salmon....
12 Oct 2006 /  #14
I was thinking soup with salmon is not really very polish speciality.

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