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favorite polish recipes?

Eurola 4 | 1,900  
6 Mar 2009 /  #61
i tried to make potato pancakes once and would've gotten sick if I ate all of them because they didn't cook all the way through

Lol. Don't make them so thick...anyway a raw potato would not likely make you sick. Maybe there was something also that you you've eaten?
7 Mar 2009 /  #62
Raw potato can really make you sick. Not fatally though. Teenagers in Poland would sometimes eat a raw potato to get fever before consulting a doctor in order to evade school or the like (in commie times this would also pay for not going to work)
osiol 55 | 3,921  
16 Mar 2009 /  #63
Favourite Polish recipe? The one I found on this site, posted by z_Darius. Two reasons it's my favourite:
1 - because it doesn't give exact measurements, temperatures or times,
2 - because it's for barszcz, which is one of my favourite Polish dishes.

The others being bigos, flaki and good old kieĊ‚basa served with various forms of alcoholic beverage.
Barry - | 5  
18 Mar 2009 /  #64
Going to attempt making PIEROGI today thanks
22 Dec 2009 /  #65
hi all im from belgium and have a polish stephmom so i went every vacation to poland on holliday here come my favourites: Ruskie pierogi,czerwony barszt, maslaki w conserwe,slony gurki, makowiec.makownik,paczki, kopytka, galabki, uszki bigos,

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