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European cuisine student need help with good polish dish

27 Mar 2007 /  #1
Hi, im a student of hospitality and catering at Brockenhurst college, England and my european cuisine teacher/chef has given me an assignment to research and cook a dish from two european countries. I have chosen Poland as one of these. Please can someone suggests a tastey polish dish which will display all my culinery skills. (The more complex the dish the higher the grade i'll get if i can get it correct) thank you in advance:)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
27 Mar 2007 /  #2
Pierogi maybe.
Tamara 9 | 202  
27 Mar 2007 /  #3
What about wild boar with forest mushrooms?
OP anglikgirl  
27 Mar 2007 /  #4
what is Pierogi in english? (because my polish consists of 10 words :) ) wild boar sounds good but can i get this in an english supermarket? (because my hunting skills are worst than my knowledge of the polish language :) )
Tamara 9 | 202  
27 Mar 2007 /  #6
Pierogi are a sort of dumpling - not very sophisticated but good tasting - kind of like a comfort food.

Can you bake something or does it have to be an entree?
OP anglikgirl  
27 Mar 2007 /  #7
i can bake. i can do anything but if its not cooked in some way it will be difficult to make the pass grade. By the way thank u for your help so far everyone
Tamara 9 | 202  
27 Mar 2007 /  #8
They make some really gorgeous tortes in Poland - some maybe 10 layers tall filled with cream and topped with fruit and nuts - super looking too.
OP anglikgirl  
27 Mar 2007 /  #9
That sounds very tastey and i might try it at home but sorry i forgot to mention my dish has to be a main and savoury.
Tamara 9 | 202  
27 Mar 2007 /  #10
Aha - ok - there is something called Zrazy - I hope I am spelling it correctly. They are thinly sliced beef rolled around a wild mushroom filling and then braised and a terrific sauce made from the braising liquid.
OP anglikgirl  
27 Mar 2007 /  #11
sounds good.i will check it out further.thank you very much:)
Tamara 9 | 202  
27 Mar 2007 /  #12
No problem - glad to help
10 May 2007 /  #13
Trying to learn Polish cooking

Hi to ya all. I would like to know some traditional Polish dishes and the way of life in Poland.

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