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Polish Easter eating tradition

12 Mar 2006 /  #1
I am interested in preparing a traditional Polish Easter, from breakfast, through dinner. Help...
OP Guest  
18 Mar 2006 /  #2
I think you will need for sure: eggs, some Polish sausage, bread, butter, horseradish, maybe mushroom soup for dinner and other traditional Polish food (sorry for being too general)...
OP Guest  
25 Mar 2006 /  #3
Easter Brekkie (after Mass) would always begin with blessed egg (the eggs decorated on Easter Sat with candle wax & then boiled with brown onion skins till a lovely golden with the pale wax pattern). No chocolate eggs before the blessed boiled egg.....

Weeks before Easter, Mum would plant wheat in a shallow platter and a sugar lamb would be placed in this wheat grass to decorate the easter table (I admit that I now cheat and my family uses alfalfa .....).

Mum used to talk about the tradition of taking a basket of food to Easter Mass for blessing, but we never did this because we lived in an area short on ethnic Poles (and no Polish masses).

I think we "Aussie-fied" the rest of breakfast, because as well as a wide selection of cold meats/breads/ polski ogorki/beetroot & horseradish pickle etc, we would also have a huge "fry up" of some of the ham & kielbasa along with eggs & toast!

This is my fond (though probably too personal to be strictly traditional) memory of a Polish-Australian Easter.

After I wrote the entry above, I was intrigued as to whether our experience in Australia was at all traditional. Found the following resource useful -,holidays,and,customs,412.html

:)Thanks for the inspiration to go looking.
Happy Easter!
2 Apr 2007 /  #4
Apr 2, 07, 8:27am - Attached on merging:
Easter in Poland

eggs, zurek, ham, Church service to bless the Easter food in the basket

no takers?
American 3 | 8  
2 Apr 2007 /  #5
I am headed to Debica to have my first polish easter. If you want takers i think you need to sweeten the pot alittle :) And what is this i hear i have to crawl to jesus on saturday???
New York  
4 Apr 2007 /  #6
I have always been lucky enough to celebrate Easter with my family. We keep the traditions my Bopchi (Grandmother) and My Mom taught us. We always start breakfast after Mass with breaking eggs (sometimes they are blessed, but not always) Two people hold their eggs and knock them together to crack them, a little game to see whose cracks first. We then start eating eggs, kieblasi, fresh babka, and of course fresh horseradish on it all. Lunch is kind of a repeat of kielbasi and babka. For dinner we always have a smoked Ham, cole slaw, kielbasi with fried sauerkraut, pierogies (home made), pickled pigs feet (some takers), pickled beets and breads. Dessert always includes home made Chruschiki, and cheesecakes.
19 Apr 2007 /  #7
Do you know the Polish name for 'breaking the eggs'? I remember doing it when I was younger and try to explain it to my kids.

14 Mar 2008 /  #8
25 Mar 2008 /  #9
The Easter "cheese" is called hrutka in my family. It is actually made of eggs and cheese at all! It just looks like how they make cheese.
24 Jul 2008 /  #10
Growing up we always had a BIG breakfast spread when we got home from church. Hard boiled Easter Eggs that we had colored would get sliced in half and eaten with horseradish and black pepper. We always had kielbasa and cheese babka from the Polish Deli as well as orange juice. Those were the main Polish staples we had every year. Now, I also make homemade pierogi although for some reason we never had them growing up. I always like to have my pierogi for breakfast for some reason. I really miss our Polish Easter breakfasts.
willbrosy - | 1  
22 Dec 2008 /  #11
[Moved from]: Need the name of Poland's Cold Easter Soup, is "krund" familiar?

I am new to this forum, but am wondering the name of a family soup we eat on Easter. My father is Polish and Czech, and they always called this soup "krund". It was:

cooked and cubed kielbasa, ham hardbolied eggs, and buttermilk and horse raddish all mixed together and chilled overnight.

Is this name"krund" familiar to anyone? It may be Slovak.

Thanks for any help here!
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
22 Dec 2008 /  #12
Two threads on the forum might be of help

Poland's Easter Soup

Cold Soups made in Poland

And I found one recipe that might be similar...

Easter soup recipe

I hope they are helpful. :)
OP Guest  
12 Apr 2009 /  #13
Here is what we always ate for Beakfast. My family is of Polish and Slovak decent, but they are very simular.
This recipe is so easy and well liked by all nationalities.

heat oven to 350 degrees
Slice cooked keilbasa
cube cooked ham
slice hard boiled eggs
add grated fresh horseradish preferred, or bottled horseradish (will have to sue more)
add sour cream optional
combine in raosting pan and mix gently
bake without lid for 20-30 mintes until warm.
serve with polish babka or rain bread with a lamb sculped out of butter with two peppercorn eyes. The kids love the lamb.
Nathan 18 | 1,363  
12 Apr 2009 /  #14
Happy Easter to everyone!

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