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iec conjugation  2
What should I wear for a POLISH WEDDING? My husband wears his kilt..
twoj wasz
Kindergarden / daycare in Wroclaw
Question on Poland's szlachta clan admission
A few words -"widzisz" and "mokro"... Curious about usage
8 - It doesn't mean "to see" it means 'you see' or 'you are seeing'. It's wet...

LanguageSemsem - 23 Jan 2010SzwedwPolsce - 23 Jan 2010
Recycling and the barter system in Poland
Declension of town names in prepositional phrases in Polish
19 - It did. But what I am trying to tell there is that the Polish name of the city...

Languagemusicwriter - 18 Jan 2010Ziemowit - 22 Jan 2010
Polish Polka Music: Question About A Common Phrase
9 - Yeah Nice to hear that somebody else is a Daddy Blaz fan too. Billy B....

LanguageGlarryg - 21 Mar 2009mosscode98 - 21 Jan 2010
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× Simon Mol is dead:No regrets  2  3
Search for ancestors: LULA last name
What exactly is Wieczór panieński - Bridal Shower?
popełnić (extended usage)?
Multiple owners of agricultural property in poland
Having a baby in Poland as a US citizen
What certificate is this?; birth certificate from the greek catholic church  2  3
Pronunciation of "lepiej"
Anyone with the last name of Stemkowski or Obloj?
Where to buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw?
Looking for information on Polish AF Pay
Wedding receptions years ago in Toledo
3 - this is ok Co ?...

USA, Canadamusicwriter - 13 Jan 2010Wroclaw - 13 Jan 2010
Liqueurs in Poznań
Proof of Address (my Polish gf moving to the UK)
14 - Danm, I've just been rumbled. :-)...

UK, Irelandclewinton - 9 Jan 2010jonni - 13 Jan 2010
że & iż
8 - Just had a look at the site, i see your a new business. What kind of properties are you...

Real EstateNecramancer - 27 Apr 2009Wroclaw Boy - 12 Jan 2010
Polish and Eastern European Name mutilation
Has anybody heard of Pobra name in Poland?
Missing/unknown letter in my great-grandmother's last name. Any ideas?  2
Twinnings moving to Poland