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Price of a DJ in Poland
Where to buy napisco Oreo Biscuits in Warsaw
Gift idea for a Pole living in US
× Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S  2  3  4  5
Pesel in doubt, can anyone tell me if this delay is normal ?
Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland
8 - Yes, i would agree with that statement. Thanks very very much....

LawGregKelly - 29 Jan 2010GregKelly - 30 Jan 2010
Please help me to find Justyna Pilh in Krakow
Can anyone give information to where I could stay for few weeks in Chicago?
Podpiwek, anyone?
Polish 76th Infantry regiment WWII
The Internet totally uncontrolled in Poland?
Company bank account in Poland - can a company use a personal bank account?
Public Liability Insuarance and Product Liability Insuarance
Car Insurance costs in Poland.
Szczepany, Poland
6 - One Szczepany is in £ódź voviodship....

GenealogyDobbler13 - 26 Jan 2010Polonius3 - 28 Jan 2010
Best way to go from Warsaw to Varberg (Sweden)
7 - Good old Status Quo!...

Travelbullfrog - 24 Jan 2010bullfrog - 28 Jan 2010
Attending SGH (Feb 7th - June 30th) Canadian Student.
Electronics in Poland - what kinds are popular?
How much is the maximum daily limit to withdraw zloty from ATM in PL.
Why in the world there are three ways to write simple U ?!?!  2
54 - It's phonetics, not grammar....

Languagemicrowac - 20 Dec 2009Rogalski - 27 Jan 2010
Gdansk transport for 25 people from hotel to church and back to hotel-any ideas?
5 - Exactly! Thanks a million! :-)...

TravelTrixity - 25 Jan 2010Trixity - 25 Jan 2010
Lach or Kapusciarz in Poland
5 - And Russians... literally "an agricole" from old Slavic....

GenealogyDeb21 - 20 Jan 2008Sasha - 25 Jan 2010
Driving to Poland from Ireland end of jan, Need Advice
21 - What totally clear? it was shocking when we drove through the other week,...

Travelsister act - 14 Jan 2010dnz - 25 Jan 2010
Nice sections of Krakow to live in, and other questions
4 - Try - lots of ads for places to rent there....

Real Estatemattyz - 24 Jan 2010inkrakow - 24 Jan 2010
iec conjugation  2
What should I wear for a POLISH WEDDING? My husband wears his kilt..
twoj wasz
Kindergarden / daycare in Wroclaw
Question on Poland's szlachta clan admission
A few words -"widzisz" and "mokro"... Curious about usage
8 - It doesn't mean "to see" it means 'you see' or 'you are seeing'. It's wet...

LanguageSemsem - 23 Jan 2010SzwedwPolsce - 23 Jan 2010