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ch - antychryst - chłeb
× Your opinion about cheap and easy Polish Girls in UK?
30 - Polish girls in the UK are finished.Next generation will be pol-groid....

UK, Irelandlsaganow - 12 Jan 2007king polkakamon - 2 Jan 2010
Odette Timmons looking for father history, Setnik
Polish Marine Traffic
2 - I use this one. Very user friendly and quick.

Travelszkotja2007 - 10 Dec 2009Floripa - 10 Dec 2009
Pieklo, Lutski, Lucki, Reyman, Tyniec - Trying to locate relatives
3 - £ucki - toponymic nick from the town of £uck (now in Ukraine Piekło - hell Reyman -...

Genealogymisterluckiman - 22 Nov 2009Polonius3 - 3 Dec 2009
Foreign Exchange Program in Poland, what do you think? Polish language required skills.
Which tennis resorts or tennis hotels are good in Poland?
Civil Wedding Programme in Poland
studying in Politechnika Warszawska
Czutkowna origins
Public library service provision to Polish community in UK
Polish Courses in Canada?
2 - Yes there are. I suggest you look for a polish cultural centre (free of charge thanks to tax payers...

USA, CanadaEvanescentBloo - 1 Jun 2009polishcanuck - 5 Jun 2009
Looking for fathers relatives (Jan Sylwester Tomaszewski born in Krakow)
Antoni Kowalski or Knop - Pabianice Poland Lodz?
Aniela Swierczynski Born. June 21 1897 in Krakow
7 - No, that would have to be Świerszczyński. The root of Świerczyński i świerk (spruce)....

GenealogyMichaelMaahrDK - 23 Dec 2006Polonius3 - 28 May 2009
Kapushka name - what is the meaning?
Kolakowski / Kulakowski family in and around parafia Bogate and Baranowo
Parczew / Volhynia - Marriage Kingdom of Poland-Imperial Russia Question
10 - Thank you...

Genealogysylvia43 - 23 Mar 2007pallen - 3 May 2009
Warsaw Business District (banks, insurance, legal, textile)
5 - Try:

Workkev - 10 Nov 2007peter_olsztyn - 29 Mar 2009
Looking for Sakowski ancestors (near Kierzek??) / also Szymanski
30 - I don't know if this helps but I know a Gus Szymanski in Yonkers NY...

Genealogylcasula - 28 Dec 2006dariusz - 25 Feb 2009
Oxford Centre (Bielsko Biała) - What's word on the street?
Entering Poland from Germany on the A4 motorway
Lots of paperwork to apply for temporary residency card in Poland..
Military Service and annual leave days in Poland
ERA prepaid sim card availability ?
Seeking Info for Tryniszewski/Tryniszewska Family
Looking for any Glaszcz's from Poland (Głaszcz surname)
Rollerblading / Inline skating in Wroclaw
GPS Satellite Navigation systems for driving in Poland