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International Political Parties (Poland and EU)
Dedicated Phone Line/Data Line for remote access in Poland
ZAPROSZENIE? (visiting our Polish friend this summer)
Simple recipe request.... Polish carrot salad
6 - Try this one out------ (please don't copy-paste text)...

FoodKarinka - 15 Feb 2010polkamaniac - 17 Feb 2010
Wladyslaw Mikolajczyk, Polish Communists 1938
Help with Poland mortgages! (not married couple)
4 - Thanks for the help will try this now....

Real EstateWydma1 - 17 Feb 2010Wydma1 - 17 Feb 2010
have a sip - Chcesz łyka?  2
Price per a small furnished apartment per month? (Living in Poland for a year)
Getting from Sheffield to Warsaw on May
6 - Many thanks to all for your useful replies...

Travelbullfrog - 15 Feb 2010bullfrog - 15 Feb 2010
driving instruction in Polish (Gloucestershire area)
14 - You've clearly not driven up Handcross Hill on the A23 in the rush hour. No, not...

UK, Irelandshady - 14 Feb 2010Mister H - 15 Feb 2010
Working on Spouse Visa/Residency Permit from home for Non polish company
Family home location (Golinas in poland)
Help collecting Karta Pobytu in Warsaw  2
49 - Wow you replied to a 2 year old thread? Good situational awareness....

Lawjones101 - 14 Jan 2008rdw - 14 Feb 2010
Identifying phone networks in Poland.
3 - Cool thing, thanks!...

Liferjramos - 14 Feb 2010rjramos - 14 Feb 2010
Language Schools In Wroclaw.
Poland flat tax issues - real estate - 10% tax
Looking for ADAM RYBICKI from Wroclaw
Gospodarzu, dostanę u was trochę jaj?
12 - Wesołego jaja!...

LanguagePolonius3 - 12 Feb 2010Wawel - 12 Feb 2010
"Zaraz wracam" - Why not "zaraz wrócę" ?  2
32 - Let's make it easier and just say 'Zaraz!' = Just a moment! )))))...

LanguageRummenigge - 2 Nov 2007Lyzko - 12 Feb 2010
Born in Poland, living in the uK. Applying for Visa to the USA.
Cost of a two-bedroom apartment and living in Wroclaw? (For purchase)
Polar bear attack - a Polish guy survived  2
Adam and Alicia Schuchinsky - Help me to find friends in Wroclaw.
5 - Kitya Have you succeeded....

GenealogyKitya - 26 Jan 2010caprice49 - 11 Feb 2010
Karaoke Places in Warsaw?
The Economist: time to rethink old notions about Poland  2  3
Searching for Peczynski Family in Usnik!
University of Warsaw- registering for courses?
How to get a British phone chipped in Poland.
How do my Polish relatives get a visa for visiting me in Houston?