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Recipe for Polish Zapiekanka
Warsaw Business District (banks, insurance, legal, textile)
Borcyk (Borczyk) from Gdansk
Looking for Sakowski ancestors (near Kierzek??) / also Szymanski
How many Poles are vegetarians?   2
Oxford Centre (Bielsko Biała) - What's word on the street?
Entering Poland from Germany on the A4 motorway
Lots of paperwork to apply for temporary residency card in Poland..
'de volaille' - I need the recipe for what sounds like devil eye??
Quick- What's the warm beer and wine called?
4 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Foodvalmoe1iLikePiwo - 16 Jan 2009
Is there a good ski resort in Poland?
Who here watch "M Jak Milosc" or "Klan"? :D
6 - What about Plebania? Any fans out there?...

LifeKasia84Polonius3 - 19 Dec 2008
Military Service and annual leave days in Poland
I am 1/8 Polish on my mother's side - not Polish enough / Lithuania and Zmudz in Poland's ancestry   2   3   4
Drinking games in Poland   2
Stuffed eggs (Polish-style recipe)
16 - My mom makes this every Easter Sunday. We love it!...

FoodrafikDagmara - 19 Oct 2008
ERA prepaid sim card availability ?
Looking for relatives.... Chodacka, Chodacki
Seeking Info for Tryniszewski/Tryniszewska Family
Looking for any Glaszcz's from Poland (Głaszcz surname)
Ottawa poles
2 - Hi No im in UK,but i wanna move to Canada....

USA, CanadapercyAndrew78 - 3 Jun 2008
Rollerblading / Inline skating in Wroclaw
GPS Satellite Navigation systems for driving in Poland
Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark
Rogalin / Oaks
Josef Surowiec from Wojkon (can't find this town) and his ancestors
24 - Curious, ever heard of Gerveczena, Poland......

GenealogyDavidtszafron - 9 Feb 2008
How long a Pole can stay in the United States? I need clarity on immigration laws in the US and Poland
Abbreviations for days in Polish