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Nice sections of Krakow to live in, and other questions
4 - Try - lots of ads for places to rent there....

Real Estatemattyzinkrakow - 24 Jan 2010
iec conjugation   2
What should I wear for a POLISH WEDDING? My husband wears his kilt..
I want my Polish gf to live with me but she says life here is too hard
twoj wasz
Closed: Poland and Muslims (Tatars and others).   2   3
Z in usage with a verb...
Looking for descendents of Josef Samiec
Kindergarden / daycare in Wroclaw
Question on Poland's szlachta clan admission
A few words -"widzisz" and "mokro"... Curious about usage
Recycling and the barter system in Poland
Declension of town names in prepositional phrases in Polish
Polish Polka Music: Question About A Common Phrase
Closed: A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN"   2   3   4   ...   32   33
Dalai Lama says: "POLAND HAS RETAINED ITS SPIRIT"   2   3
Closed: Simon Mol is dead:No regrets   2   3
Search for ancestors: LULA last name
Girl from Poland - how to bring her back   2
Etymologia łuny
What exactly is Wieczór panieński - Bridal Shower?
popełnić (extended usage)?
Anglos don't distinguish kasza from Kasia?
Multiple owners of agricultural property in poland
Having a baby in Poland as a US citizen
What certificate is this?; birth certificate from the greek catholic church   2   3
Pronunciation of "lepiej"
Expired Polish passport; will the English one suffice?
Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to close in September
Anyone with the last name of Stemkowski or Obloj?