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Man from Poland charged over harassing actress Keira Knightley
What can I do with 250000$?   2
What does 'inflected' mean?
4 - ahaaa! That's great, thank you very much. And gigdictionary's very useful :)...

LanguageSparkle_RavelleSparkle_Ravelle - 9 Feb 2010
Salary of a paramedic in Poland
William Alexander, 1850, Krunicza, Prussia, Poland
Married polish women:Are they hot?   2   3
Do you still pressure-cooker to cook?
Barszcz czerwony recipe (Beetroot Soup)   2
Is it true that you cannot swear in public in Poland?
Best Easter Eggs in Warsaw?
Windows xp in USA in Polish?
Looking for family ~ Dzyngl (Jingle)
Ukrainians working in Poland in the 90s   2
Kozlowski / Krzysik in the Korczyna / Krosno or Wapiersk / Lidzbark
Poland national team cricketers required in Wales!
Salary in Białystok (Master) on Informatics
Polish Priest checks fingerprints for mass attendance
I need some encouragement from Polish language speakers!
My husband going to Poland after gotten his green card. Dreading his visit home to mom.
17 - I was referring to his insane side....

Lovechelle2926beckski - 6 Feb 2010
Computer stores and computer prices in Wroclaw
Value of Computer in Poland
Contracts for IT staff in Poland
Vocabulary: rasowy
3 - yes :) Thanks, gumishu...

LanguageKsysiaKsysia - 5 Feb 2010
Finding grandmother's sister born in Chrzanów, Poland
How do I go by ferry from south of England to Gdynia?
Lack of Spacial Acuity in Poland   2   3
Shouldnt Poland be invited into the G-20?
English boyfriend coming to visit me in Poland   2
Polish culinary dislikes   2   3
Buying a house in POland from "gmina"?
6 - thanks!...

Real Estatef stopf stop - 3 Feb 2010