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"Strange " English language..
Where can I buy chickpeas in Poland?
Beautiful women in Polonia, WI
Declension of młody and stary
9 - And only in the nominative case....

LanguageemmajoSzwedwPolsce - 24 Feb 2010
Morgue Job in Warsaw and what is the average pay?.
6 - Ho ho!...

WorkferozeTrevek - 23 Feb 2010
Car Insurance for a foreigner living in Poland on a temporary permit
The relations: Church and III Reich (Kosciol-NS Niemcy)
The creator of The First Polish Computer Died
Can Poland allow itself to refuse Slavija?
'MOZNA' - When is this used?
Why Poland employers are afraid of hiring any foreign nationals?   2   3   4   5
149 - That chav song was the goods. Hahah....

WorkJabwawSmedley Medley - 22 Feb 2010
brakować, braknąć, zabraknąć
9 - Perhaps you mean 'lack'....

LanguageDerevonmusicwriter - 22 Feb 2010
Are there other ways of finding records that exist further back than 1826?
Different Attitudes of women born in Poland towards relationships?
Books on the Partitions of Poland?
Life magazine 1.09.39 and sattelite pictures?
Help in finding household object
Early begginings of `democracy` and Polish contribution to it
6 - yes but only szlachta was a nation......

HistoryCrowjeden - 20 Feb 2010
Coming back to Polish language studies
Mortgages for apartments in Poland - what currency?
"Poles want cut on foreign workers" - (in Poland obviously)   2
Old "Polish" Phrases used by family (in US)
Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland   2
Feeling ashamed of my Polish heritage.   2   3   4   5   6
Most common ancestries in the USA   2
56 - what is American? Native American?...

USA, Canadamatteroftasteshewolf - 20 Feb 2010
Polish woman in the UK gives birth then leaves the baby in hospital
The Pole is happy when someone else cries...   2
Should Poles be polish?   2