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Can a Polish person give up EU handouts?
Do you think a smoking ban would be a good thing in Polish restaurants and Bars?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Working in UK with Temporary Polish Residence & making money for good life in Poland
Closed: Where could I get MDMA. XTC in Poland? (drugs)
19 - oh ..right...not so far then...?...

Lifewildroverwildrover - 28 Mar 2010
What is the clothes shop in Poland that translates into something like "house"
Yalta Conference and Poland   2   3
STUDY ABROAD in Krakow. What's the area like (and a few more questions).
Trying to find a good office supplies store in Poland
Which brand of Mosquito repellant would you recommend (Warsaw), or...
22 - The one from Ziaja is pretty good....

LifeBevKSeanus - 27 Mar 2010
"SOLIDARNOŚĆ" is just a word for Polish people?   2
47 - Poland for ever....

HistoryJabwawkh siarko sanok - 27 Mar 2010
My Great GrandMother was born in Poland sometime before 1915 - any chance for Polish citizenship?
I am attracted by a polish guy. But it seems he has a girl friend.
Polish Atlantis (pre-war Warsaw, Poland in pictures).   2
Giving tips in Poland   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Renting a car in Jelenia Gora
Can't get over "the Polish experience"
Travelling from Wrocław to Prague
Free online polish to english translation service?
Your favourite Polish female-singer [name and YT link]
Driving from Gdansk to Vienna, Austria
Did you know that Polish army is the weakest in Central Europe?..   2   3   4   5
150 - The 1 million invasion has already happened ;)...

NewspurplewolfSeanus - 24 Mar 2010
How to apply karta pobytu on basis of business in Poland
Learning Polish, good for beginners?
The Plural of Zloty?   2
Dzięki temu...... ?
Morally bankrupt kleptocracy: Hounded by Reds pre-89, then by "Democrats"
A rare Polish medal
Is Poland the only high minded country of Cental and Eastern European countries?   2