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Language Schools In Wroclaw.
Żoladkowa Gorzka, where can i get it in Sydney?
8 - You can probably get it specially ordered at dan murphy's...

Australiatomkulagatomaszmojsiejuk - 14 Feb 2010
Poland flat tax issues - real estate - 10% tax
Looking for ADAM RYBICKI from Wroclaw
Gospodarzu, dostanę u was trochę jaj?
12 - Wesołego jaja!...

LanguagePolonius3Wawel - 12 Feb 2010
"Zaraz wracam" - Why not "zaraz wrócę" ?   2
Born in Poland, living in the uK. Applying for Visa to the USA.
Cost of a two-bedroom apartment and living in Wroclaw? (For purchase)
Old Polish Vs New Polish
Polar bear attack - a Polish guy survived   2
Adam and Alicia Schuchinsky - Help me to find friends in Wroclaw.
5 - Kitya Have you succeeded....

GenealogyKityacaprice49 - 11 Feb 2010
Karaoke Places in Warsaw?
The Economist: time to rethink old notions about Poland   2   3
Searching for Peczynski Family in Usnik!
Meluzyna - Anyone been to this steak house in Bydgoszcz?
University of Warsaw- registering for courses?
Bilingual kids in Polish schools
14 - Thanks....

Lifecmsscottie1113 - 10 Feb 2010
How to get a British phone chipped in Poland.
How do my Polish relatives get a visa for visiting me in Houston?
Wolski Roasted Red Peppers - recipes
14 - I guess that's because of my love for good food and booze....

Foodbrew01polkamaniac - 10 Feb 2010
WWII - Wolf's Lair. Valkyria operation had place in Poland's bunker complex.
Making Real Friends in Poland
Catholic Church Wedding in Poland
Job prospects in Gdynia / Trojmiasto ?
Daily Tiffin food service for Office workers
Man from Poland charged over harassing actress Keira Knightley
What can I do with 250000$?   2
What does 'inflected' mean?
4 - ahaaa! That's great, thank you very much. And gigdictionary's very useful :)...

LanguageSparkle_RavelleSparkle_Ravelle - 9 Feb 2010
Salary of a paramedic in Poland