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"Browar Jabłonowo" beer, A Christmas word of warning
17 - I like the "okocim mocne"It has quite the kick with 7% alcochol...

Fooddelphiandominepolkamaniac - 9 Jan 2010
POLISH DANCING (how to to this holding hands and such?)
Visiting "naklo nad notecia" in Poland
Polish Churches in Milwaukee, WI
Use of Polish language at work in the US
"There will always be a Poland" in Polish
8 - Pretty sure its kiedy my żyjemy......

LanguagePolishProverbsSome Guy - 8 Jan 2010
ZYWIEC, I have a question about a store in town which sells only a 'whool items'
Travel from Krakow to Sandomierz
Closed: What British unit liberated Poland in 1945??   2   3   4   ...   14   15
City and Guilds Pitman examinations
udać, udać się "confusion"
5 - Yup....

Languagetonywoblearn polish - 8 Jan 2010
Biskupin, powiat Zninski, Poland
Polish Cake inside crust with almonds?
Nicorette Inhalator - are they available in Poland?
Do Polish workers have post-Christmas break?
A one-week trip in CRACOW - 31th of May -> 5th of June
Skiing in Strbske Pleso (Slovakia)
Which preposition for 'at'?   2
Addresses in Łomża
6 - Dziękuje....

Genealogyjoejazzjoejazz - 5 Jan 2010
Anyone (in Poland) have recent news about Ewa Sonnet (Beata Kornelia Dąbrowska)?
DECLENSIONS (the difference between suffixes)
Pol/Eng Dictionary for Mobile Phones
Visa question - Polish girl wants to join her boyfriend in Australia
How reliable are Internet connections/wifi in Gdansk?
3 - And all MacDonald's have wifi....

Lifeheatherfjonni - 4 Jan 2010
doing / making - the difference?
ch - antychryst - chłeb
Closed: Your opinion about cheap and easy Polish Girls in UK?   2
32 - Polish girls in the UK are finished.Next generation will be pol-groid....

UK, Irelandlsaganowking polkakamon - 2 Jan 2010