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Why are so many Polish People rude on the internet?   2   3
How do you register you agricultural land in the Land Registry of Poland?
Has feminism and lesbianism progressed in Poland?
Financial requirements for US greencard?
The Gessler restaurant empire expands to London
21 - U Kucharzy is good....

UK, Irelanddb1874jonni - 31 Mar 2010
Polish scientific breakthrough - breast cancer
8 - Brians are impotent, you no...

NewsVarsovianVarsovian - 30 Mar 2010
Why do gays dislike Wojciech Cejrowski, travel writer?
5 - did not know that. In that case he is a dram queen then?...

LifeVarsovianaphrodisiac - 30 Mar 2010
Does Poland deserve credit for the 1989 Revolution?   2   3
73 - in Poland or in general in eastern Europe?...

HistoryHarryCrow - 30 Mar 2010
The usage of "dwoje"
11 - Thank you all very much!! :-))) Now I understand:-)...

LanguageLeonisLeonis - 30 Mar 2010
MEDYKA TO LWOW TO KIEV...whats the road like...?
Why Poles are so crazy about their country?   2
Can a Polish person give up EU handouts?
Do you think a smoking ban would be a good thing in Polish restaurants and Bars?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Working in UK with Temporary Polish Residence & making money for good life in Poland
Closed: Where could I get MDMA. XTC in Poland? (drugs)
19 - oh ..right...not so far then...?...

Lifewildroverwildrover - 28 Mar 2010
What is the clothes shop in Poland that translates into something like "house"
Yalta Conference and Poland   2   3
STUDY ABROAD in Krakow. What's the area like (and a few more questions).
Trying to find a good office supplies store in Poland
Which brand of Mosquito repellant would you recommend (Warsaw), or...
22 - The one from Ziaja is pretty good....

LifeBevKSeanus - 27 Mar 2010
"SOLIDARNOŚĆ" is just a word for Polish people?   2
47 - Poland for ever....

HistoryJabwawkh siarko sanok - 27 Mar 2010
My Great GrandMother was born in Poland sometime before 1915 - any chance for Polish citizenship?
I am attracted by a polish guy. But it seems he has a girl friend.
Polish Atlantis (pre-war Warsaw, Poland in pictures).   2
Giving tips in Poland   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Renting a car in Jelenia Gora
Can't get over "the Polish experience"