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Polish men's pride!
I am researching the way Design Techology Textiles is taught in Poland
Pawiak Museum in Warsaw
Nazwy mieszkanców - the names of a city/country residents in Polish
14 - kolanin, kolanka:

LanguageLeonisNomsense - 12 Jun 2010
Requirements for marriage in the US if not planning to stay
Old Polish Prayer Book-Chlib Duszi
Anyone from Sydney, Australia?   2
Any one know about WARSAW INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE & Is it good one ?
Playing football in Katowice
Travelling to Lodz - input needed
Why have they built another huge shopping centre in Lodz?
7 - are you sure it's still on?...

LawSteveramsfanjoannaa - 11 Jun 2010
Where do the polish men hang out in Glasgow?
Poland Should Beef Up Military   2   3   4   ...   9   10
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Driving lights in Poland
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Actually, there never was any Polish-German hatred   2   3   4   5
'jestem po weselu'
6 - might be this:

GenealogyMariaAWroclaw - 9 Jun 2010
what's the difference between... "spierdalaj" vs "wypierdalaj"
How long to deliver a package from France to Poland?
5 - I got it after 1 month:)...

Poloniaeire39eire39 - 8 Jun 2010
Floods and Lodz
Polish Slang Phrases - Elephant Me! - Huh?!!
14 - "Polish Slang Phrases" - LOL...

LanguageSparkle_RavellePOLENGGGs - 8 Jun 2010
Closed: Why did Jews convert?
Fish and chips - do Polish people in the UK like this?   2   3   4
Arranging a Polish wedding with a beautiful Polish girl next summer
4 - Do you live in Poland or abroad?...

Lovescolari_ireTwojPrestige - 7 Jun 2010
Are you too selfish to leave Poland?